Why Invest in Agriculture?​

  • Agriculture is a stable and profitable investment and known as an asset class “Safe Haven”
  • You can invest in agriculture individually or through our Crowdfunding Schemes.
  • You can invest in agriculture without having your own land or expertise.
  • Agriculture is a Recession-proof Investment, it ensures reasonable returns during economic uncertainty where other investments turn volatile.
  • The agriculture industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It impacts a lot of people, both directly and indirectly.
  • Agriculture provides many opportunities for employment, which keeps people engaged with work when they are not able to work on their own land or when there are not many other options for employment locally.
  • Agriculture has numerous viable downstream industries with least risk.
  • Investing in Agriculture Land will never become stagnant and will produce passive income round the years without you being physically involved.
  • Agriculture Produce is permanently in high demand and is quick to mature.
  • Just imagine you have currency, gold and silver, stocks and properties etc., but nothing to eat – what will happen then?
  • MultiAgro Global can provide insurance cover for your investments in any field of agriculture against natural disasters through reputed International Insurance Companies. Conditions of local laws apply.

Agriculture (Farmland) v/s Gold as assets:

Over the past two decades, farmland has proven itself a strong adversary to the ever-growing gold market in the United States. With lower volatility and higher returns over the past few decades, farmland may just be replacing gold in many investors’ portfolios.

Farmland creates a return on its value every time a farmer sells the resources produced by the land. Basically, the land itself is valuable, and the potential value of the crop (depending on what’s being grown, how bountiful the yield is per season, among other factors), adds additional income and return on the investment.

If you had to choose between investing in farmland or gold, which would you choose? Both have a rich history of producing generous returns, hedging inflation, and stabilizing portfolios.

For Warren Buffet, the answer is easy: “Call me crazy but I’ll take the farmland”.

Agriculture (Farmland) v/s Real Estate (Property) as assets:

    • Real estate is a popular asset class for investors looking to diversify outside the stock market.
    • Farmland has been a time-tested investment that is less likely to come to mind but historically provides returns with less volatility.
    • Farmland investors can profit from appreciation, rental income, and in some cases a cut of the crop yield, while real estate investors profit from appreciation and rental income.
    • Investing in commercial real estate via REITs or crowdfunding is still more popular than investing in farmland, but interest in farmland is growing rapidly.
    • Farmlandhas been an asset class since our ancestors began growing their own food. As the world population continues to grow, it’s likely that the need for farmland will only continue to grow.
    • In fact, Warren Buffett has been an advocate for investing in farmland.In 1986, Buffet bought a 400-acre piece of farmland and in the 28 years following, only visited the site twice.

Suggested Size of Investments in Agriculture

From PKR 0.5 Million to No Limit (equivalent in Euro, US Dollars or other hard currencies)

Return on Investment per annum: from 20% + (please call or write for details)

Countries where we offer our services through our associates

Angola, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, USA, Zambia.

Different countries have different opportunities in agricultural sector.

Save the World from Hunger – Invest in Agriculture – A Profitable Business